Referral Rewards Program

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We would personally like to thank all of our patients for your continued support and trust over the years! Your referrals are the most wonderful compliment we can receive. Most of our best patients come from our amazing existing patients! Are you satisfied with us and confident with your smile? If so, we encourage you to tell all of your friends and family! As a way of thanking you, we have designed our Confident Smiles Rewards Program!

What's in it for you?

Personal Satisfaction – You can help a friend make a great and well-informed decision about their oral care. You will have confidence knowing they will receive the same high quality, personalized care you've received in our office.  In a world where services are countless, your firsthand experience and approval will have a direct impact on someone else's decision regarding those same services. Wouldn't it be refreshing to know a trusted friend recommended all of the new services you were seeking, having confidence that you would be pleased in the end? Not only will you feel this personal satisfaction, but with every referral, you receive rewards and amazing gifts from all of us at Southwest Dental Associates!

What’s in it for the patients you refer?

The Inside Scoop – This referral gives your friends and family a way to feel confident in their decision to use our services. So next time you are talking over the back fence to a neighbor, or to a coworker at lunch, and they ask about dental work or are complaining about it… tell them about our office, team and Dr. Fisher! We provide care with unsurpassed quality, in an environment where the staff members are your friends and the doctor treats you as family.

The Details:

Who can participate?
Anyone! Are you a patient, yet we've never met your husband and kids? Why not? We see patients from ages 12 months – 100+!

Definition of "Referral"
A "Referral” is an individual who is not currently an existing patient. A successful referral requires the individual to have an exam, X-rays and a cleaning completed.

How will prizes be distributed?
Our office will contact you and provide you with the opportunity to pick up your AMAZING REWARDS in our office. Gift certificate rewards will be given only to the individual earning that gift. Be aware that expiration dates may be associated with them. We have no responsibility to accommodate any individual’s schedule, and it is up to you to use these by all expiration dates. We reserve the right to end, change the rules and modify rewards at any time.